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Artificial Roses

Flowers are just one of the many ways Nature expresses its true beauty. The only sad thing about this is that beauty does not last forever. Here at Aufora we wanted to capture that essence and ensure that it could be maintained forever. With our exotic artificial plants and flowers, you can freshen up your home with bright colours and aesthetically pleasing additions to suit any room. Maintaining fresh flowers can be a complex task and involves more than just watering them to ensure you get the most out of them. If not kept track of, the usual busy and hectic day-to-day lifestyle can become the biggest obstacle that fresh flowers face. These can quickly wither and eventually turn into a bigger hassle than originally thought; however with our artificial plants and flowers, you’ll find that many of the problems surrounding natural flowers simply cease to exist.

With this in mind, we offer a fantastic collection of artificial flowers which are highly detailed and realistic so you never have to worry about your flowers needing to be replaced or watered. With our beautiful artificial flower bouquets and floral table decorations made from the finest selection of flowers we have, you can be certain the look that you want in your home is no more than a click away.

Whether you are searching for a grand centre piece for your dining room, or you’re searching for artificial flowers and plants to accompany what is already in your garden, the selection you can choose from is extensive so you can create the exact atmosphere you desire. Add a touch of romance to your home when you choose our decorative silk roses, or create a bohemian-look to your home with our variety of wild flowers. Whatever the occasion or reason for wanting one, we have everything that you need, right here.

Be sure to check the full range of artificial plants and flowers online, as well as taking a peek at our vases which make the perfect companion for any bouquet.


Our artificial white roses are a phenomenal starting point for any bridal bouquet. They can be used either as a standalone bunch or can be mixed with our other coloured artificial flowers to make a truly beautiful arrangement. The biggest upside to using artificial flowers at your wedding is that you can take them home and have them as a memento of one of the most special days you’ll have. You don’t have to be getting married to enjoy the quality and aesthetics of our artificial flowers though, why not try and create your own stunning, custom bouquet by trying your hand at flower arranging. Your design can be as extravagant or minimalistic as you like, our roses will fit into any arrangement that you create. They can also be used to create magnificent centrepieces for your dining room table or used as a sensational long lasting gift that’s sure to bring out a smile as beautiful as the flowers.

Our range of artificial red roses is a classic choice to have as a gift for a special someone, and if you’re unsure if the roses need something to accompany them, browse our selection of artificial roses in vases as having artificial flowers that already have a home means a lot less hassle. Unlike other flowers, (artificial) roses offer a certain level of class and elegance when used in a bouquet, even if they are not the main focus. They are a great choice to help fill out an arrangement that may be missing that something extra, or can be used as a fantastic accessory to decorate the house with when used with the correct lighting to add a certain glow to your home.

The beauty of this flower represents and signifies promise, hope, love, and new beginnings, what better way is there to have a permanent representation of these things than with artificial roses? It is no accident that roses have become the most sought after flower in the world as they suit any occasion, from anniversaries to weddings, from birthdays to Valentine’s Day, there is no occasion that a rose is not suitable for.