Artificial Flower Production

To create a high quality silk flower there is a careful production process that is followed to create a flower that is elegant, beautiful and realistic.

To begin with, petals are made from white silk, rayon or cotton fabrics, regardless of their finished colour. The fabric is die-cut using special tools into various petal shapes and sizes, and are then dyed using cotton balls and paintbrushes, carefully touching colour onto the petals beginning with the edges and working in towards the centre. This process of dying can take an hour of concentrated work to complete a single petal.

The dyed petals are then inserted into moulds to create detailed curves and wrinkles. Heat is applied to press the petals into individual shapes, and after they are formed, they are often stiffened with thin wires, which are inserted by hand, to make sure that the petal stays in shape.

Carefully assembling the petals individually into the constructed flower, the creator then carefully attaches it to the stem, which is often made from wire covered in special paper or tape to create a waxy, durable coating.

This is a delicate and complicated process that requires skilled hands and patient work to create the best quality silk flower.