Black and White Minimalist Living Room Gallery

Usually, people use whitened color for that room walls and black for many furnishings. Mostly that’s so because rooms look more vibrant than. Below are some black and whitened minimalist family room gallery from the 3 sources. The fundamental concept in developing a black and whitened is discovered the most dominant color between black and whitened, next, we simply mix it with another color, on above picture, theres a whitened family room that merely coupled with black candy striped floor and pillows.

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Black and Whitened Minimalist Family Room Gallery

On above picture, theres another minimalist black and whitened family room with a mixture of dark floor with whitened sofa, therefore the room looks simple but elegant in plain and simple furniture concept. On below picture, theres a well-balanced in conjunction with both color black and whitened in candy striped style. Finished with minimalist decoration for example hanging light, table and chairs.

Black and Whitened Minimalist Family Room Gallery