Having the Best Office at Home

Home offices can be a conundrum; especially if you do not have the dedicated space required or the money to invest in expensive office furniture. Nevertheless, with the primary needs relating to the tasks you will perform met, a home office is the one place you can really express yourself – making going to work a real pleasure.

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Selecting Your Office Space

The first task in office space planning is deciding exactly where to put your home office. You may have a room available or this or it may be a dedicated area in another part of the house. Things to consider include when determining where to place the furniture include:

Where are the windows? Natural lighting is important for health, so having a window is ideal. However, natural light can also be a nuisance in that it causes glare on your computer screen. So consider window position when deciding where to place your desk.
Some people need to face the door; otherwise, they find it distracting. If door placement is an issue, make sure to consider it.
Map out the sockets and points before you start placing furniture. Where are the points you will need for power, the internet, television, telephone, etc?

Home Office Design Tips

One of the most important elements of a home office is its ability to strike that balance between domesticity and functionality. This is especially true if your home office is not a dedicated room. Here are some design tips to help you integrate one with the other.

Having a home office does not necessarily necessitate having office furniture. Select ergonomic designs for chair and keyboard desk, but consider converting a wardrobe to serve as filing and storage and use wine racks or baskets as alternatives to traditional in-trays.
Add seating. While a bed may be necessary (if your study doubles as a guest bedroom), by adding seating – even if it is not required – can break up the room in a way that allows for better focus. You will feel more like you are in a working environment.
Add wall art. A clock, a calendar, and a memo board may be functional necessities, but do not forget to add prints or photos. These extra touches add inspiration to function.
In addition to natural lighting, make sure your office space has good task lighting as well.
Remember, it’s an Office

While your home office may have to share space with the guest room or the dining room, it does not mean it deserves less respect than a traditional office. By treating your office space like office space, your ability to focus and work when you are there will be much improved. Avoid using your office space for other things, especially storage for household items and clutter. Avoid using your office space as a habitual socialising space. Teach others in the family to respect the office and to respect you while you are there. You may be visible and/or reachable, but when mommy is “in her office”, it means she is working, so do not disturb.