Modern Home Accessories Style of Townhouse Design

Modern home style might not be an extravagance and large size, this is actually the natural small-scale, motely, naturally worn place very beautiful. Compressed slab construction, unconventional ceiling levels, and also the first floor flush towards the street level, allowed fitting three flooring right into a volume aligned using the neighboring roofs. A office at home for any growing side business of art dealing is situated inside a separate building across a little garden within the back. Mechanical and repair spaces are located alongside a glazed entrance in the street.

home accessories

The inside includes a single space, softly partitioned by three uncovered steel foundations. These span the whole width of the home and divide its program kitchen, dining, living, library, mattress, bath, along with a roof terrace.

Convenient dining area with round table, You may enjoy your breakfast while refreshing along the side of the little garden on behind from the transparent glass wall.

Listed here are the family room, mattress, home accessories and bath as well as the library, Using small size building way to create a range of different spatial encounters within this really small project. The division from the single space is aimed at a non-plain and simple and lively sequence of limited and airy spaces, niches, inside and outside, vertical and horizontal sights in addition to carefully presented sights from the site. The continuous interior space is opening towards the street, to the center of the block, and also to heaven above.