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Candle Holders

There are so many reasons why you need candle holders, but if you are still wondering what you need them for, well, let me show you some few reasons why you need beautiful candle holders.

There are various important occasions in our lives such as wedding, birthday, Easter, Valentine's Day, or any religious activities or even for home decoration. In any of these occasions, you simply need candle holder to delight and add flavor to such events. So, at Aufora, we are providing you various kinds of beautiful candle holders of different shapes, styles and sizes, such as hourglass candlestick holders, Votive, Pillar, Hurricane, Tea light candle holders and much more. Our designs are just the exact style that suits your taste because they have various functions and made of different materials. You just cannot afford to miss them.

Our tall hurricane pillar candle holder collections are uniquely made to create an elegant and sophisticated look for your home or event. It is perfect for weddings, birthdays and any events. It equally will enhance any home setting.

Most of our candle holders are multi-functional. Not only will they hold a tealight candle and delight with attractive and beautiful illuminations, but they will also hold a taper candle and add intrigue to a simple candle!

Our Geometric Crackle Glaze Ceramic Tea Light Holder with unique design looks like a rocks bar glass. It has an elegant round shape and will make a perfect addition to dinner and cocktail table and a little candlelight ambiance. 

Aufora candleholders are simply a classic choice for candlelight at any event! They are perfect size for holding tea lights. In addition, their clear design allows the candlelight to take center stage and set a romantic, warm ambiance in that event.  Whoever you are, our candleholders are for you because they are a must-have for caterers, bars, restaurants, gift shops, etc. Browse through our collections today to make your choice.