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There are many ways and styles in which you can decorate your home. While most of the design elements you have in your home hold aesthetic value, some hold functional value and some therapeutic value.

While the ones with aesthetic value are not multipurpose, but the decorative items which hold therapeutic or functional value also add to the aesthetic appeal of a home. Mirrors are the examples of design elements which are not just functional but add to the elegance and grace of homes. For design items with therapeutic benefits, oil burners stand out as the best examples.

Oil burners are nice minimalistic contemporary pieces that complement every décor. The room that they are placed in begin to seem more serene and peaceful than ever before. The whiffs of your favorite scented oil transports you to the next level and you begin to get a sense of inner calm. Apart from the uplifting of moos these essential oils also rid the environment of nasty odors and harmful bacteria in the air.

If you want a pleasant and nice smell in the room and do not believe in chemical air fresheners, then an oil burner is perfect for you. Oil burners generally work by placing your favorite oil in a ceramic dish and place it above the heat source. Some oils can be diluted before use. The heat underneath vaporizes the essential oil into the air around you. Oil burners are not attractive pieces of decoration but they lend a great deal of serenity in the room.

Aufora home accessories offers the most amazing range of oil burners which can create the right relaxing mood. What is more amazing is that they come at the most affordable prices.  A few of the oil burners available can be used for wax melt too.

Each handcrafted design speaks of beauty and a class of its own. One look at the oil burner and you are sure to fall in love with them. Whether it is the oil burner with circular holes or the one with a floral pattern, or even the one with a sickle moon and stars, every design and shape invites you to pick them. Not just these, but even the Buddha head oil burner or the owl shaped oil burner are most alluring.