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  1. Silver Portrait Picture Frames 4" x 6"
  2. Silver Portrait Picture Frames 5" x 7"
  3. Silver Portrait Picture Frames 8" x 10"
  4. Silver Plated Picture Frames, 4 x 6"
  5. Silver Plated Picture Frames, 5 x 7"
  6. Silver Plated Picture Frames, 8 x 10"
  7. Silver Plated Picture Frames, 4 x 6", Silver Mosaic Tiles
  8. Silver Plated Picture Frames, 5 x 7", Silver Mosaic Tiles
  9. Silver Plated Picture Frames, 8 x 10", Silver Mosaic Tiles
  10. Silver Plated Folding Picture Frames 4 x 6"
  11. Silver Plated Folding Picture Frames 5 x 7", Medium
  12. Vintage Picture Frame 2.5 x 3.5", Roses
  13. Vintage Photo Frame 4" x 6"
    Vintage Photo Frame 4" x 6"

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  14. Vintage Photo Frame 5" x 7"
    Vintage Photo Frame 5" x 7"

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  15. Vintage Photo Frame
    Vintage Photo Frame

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Grid List

15 Items

Set Descending Direction

Exquisite Photo Frames for Your Treasured Memories

Searching for that special frame to display your treasured moment can be overwhelming for most. You would want the frame to be worthy enough of your picture perfect. A photo frame is a wonderful accessory for you to display your photograph to others and also for yourself. A good photo frame should not overwhelm your photograph but at the same time not make it look ordinary either. It should be able to strike the right balance of presenting the photograph in the most beautiful manner.

Though the photo frames come in all types of shapes and sizes, the rectangular ones are the most preferred. We at Aufora have a wide collection of table top photo frames of all types to suit your preferences. We have single photo frame, the folding multi photo frame, and also the vintage photo frames in different shapes and designs. We also offer photo frames in different standard sizes so that you can pick the one that is just right for the photograph that you would like to display in the photo frame.

Most contemporary photo frames are in understated design so that the photograph remains the centre of attraction. They are primarily in silver plating, which adds to the grace and elegance of the frame. The materials used in the production of the photo frames are of the highest grade and they are sure to last you years on end and are very durable and well built. Placing the photograph in the frames is very simple and convenient for everyone.

The silver portrait picture frames are ideal for displaying single person close-up photographs of the people you love. You can also use the folding frame to display two different photographs together or even create a collage of different photographs for displaying in the photo frame. The photo frames start from the standard size photograph of 4” x 6” and go right up to 8” x 10” for bigger photographs. We also have silver plated frames with silver mosaic tiles for extra effect. The silver polished photo frame and the silver mosaic tile pattern presents the lovely photos in a graceful manner thus enhancing those treasured and precious memories.

The vintage frames come with very intricately crafted designs that are ideal for displaying some old or new memories. All the work done on the vintage photo frames is very unique and fine and adds great value to the photograph.

All our photo frames are tarnish resistant and you can be assured that they will be lasting you for a long time to come and you will not have to think about changing them anytime soon.