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Do you love plants? Are you looking for the best glass terrarium? Then Aufora is there to provide you the best and beautiful terrarium for your plants. The price is low, and quality is up to mark. Many people must be confused between the words Terrarium and Aquarium. But trust me both these words are different things.

What are terrariums?

A terrarium is typically a closed or an opened glass container for the specified plants. It contains soil and plant. You can say it as a small greenhouse for the small terrarium plants. The containers are made up of transparent, glass and plastic. Terrariums are two types; opened and sealed.

 You can open the lid of the sealed terrarium to adjust the plants because it contains removable cover.  But in the opened, you don’t need to have any lid. In opened terrarium, the plants are exposed to the environment. The terrariums also use as home decor ornaments.

What are the benefits of Terrariums?

  • A terrarium works as a small garden for the plants. These terrarium confine less space in the home.

  • It is the best atmosphere for those plants which find difficulty to grow in dry air.

  • A terrarium can be used as home decoration for a pleasing organic look.

  • You can decorate the terrarium with beautiful artificial lights; LED and fluorescents to increase its beauty.

  • The terrarium plants do not require much water, so terrarium is the best place for such plants.

Hanging terrariums:

The hanging terrariums simply have a hook, or a loop is attached to them. You can use these terrariums as a wall scenery in the home. The plants which grow in the terrarium are called houseplants. These plants are slow growing and do not need much air and water. However, there are many other plants which cannot grow with high humidity and high light. If you are looking for a beautiful triangle terrarium box with a loop, you can get it on Aufora atan affordable price.

Which plants work well in Terrarium?

As already mentioned above those plants that grow slowly work the best in Terrarium. The foliage plants also work best in Terrarium. However, some of the other plants are:

  • Those plants that have fewer leaves and seedless called Ferns (Birds nest, Maidenhair, and Button ferns)
  • Dwarf palms
  • Air plants- those plants which get their nutrients from air (Tillandsia)
  • Carnivorous- those plants that derive their nutrients from consuming animals and protozoans (Venus fly traps, Sundew plants, and pitcher plants)
  • Succulents- water storage plants (cacti, Echeveria, Hawthornia, Crassula, etc.)
  • Peperomia

How the plants survive in the terrarium?

Well everyone knows that plants cannot live without water and air, but many plants can do so. Those plants when placed in the terrarium they release the water vapors. Those water vapors collected on the walls of a jar and dropped onto the soil, and that is why terrarium plants are called self-nourishing plants. They require little maintenance when sealed.

 The important thing to know is the airplants, and the carnivorous plants find it difficult to grow without the terrarium. So, it is recommended to buy these plants and place them in the terrarium if you want to make your home attractive and beautiful.