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  1. Artificial Pink White Orchid Flower - H 100 cm
  2. Artificial Pink Orchid Flower - H 107 cm
  3. Artificial Red Orchid Flower - H 80 cm
  4. Artificial White Orchid Flower - H 77 cm
  5. Artificial Pink Orchid Flower - H 77 cm
  6. Artificial Pink Hydrangea Flower - H 88 cm
  7. Artificial Pink White Hydrangea Flower - H 52 cm
  8. Artificial White Lily Flower - H 100 cm
  9. Artificial White Lily Flower - H 100 cm
  10. Artificial Pink White Lily Flower - H 100 cm Artificial Pink White Lily Flower - H 100 cm
  11. Artificial Orange Pink Rose Flower - H 61 cm Artificial Orange Pink Rose Flower - H 61 cm
  12. Artificial Red Rose Flower - H 61 cm Artificial Red Rose Flower - H 61 cm
  13. Artificial White Peonies Flower - H 45 cm
  14. Artificial Purple Delphinium Flower - H 35 cm
  15. Artificial Baby's Breath Flower - H 60 cm
  16. Artificial Green Herb
    Artificial Green Herb

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  17. Artificial Cymbidium Leaf - H 100 cm
  18. Round Geo Pattern Vase
    Round Geo Pattern Vase

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  19. Tall Geo Pattern Vase
    Tall Geo Pattern Vase

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  20. Short Geo Pattern Vase Short Geo Pattern Vase
    Short Geo Pattern Vase

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  21. Tall Slim Ripple Vase in White Ceramic
  22. Tall Ripple Vase
    Tall Ripple Vase

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  23. Short Ripple Vase
    Short Ripple Vase

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  24. Short Seashell Vase
    Short Seashell Vase

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Grid List

Items 1-24 of 402

Set Descending Direction


 The interior of your home is no doubt the most important part of your house. The living room being the most accessible part of the house is also a part to give the most attention when it comes to interior decoration as it can be a place to rest after some work, or the room where you spend some time with your family and friends.

 If you would like to add some unique style to your home, considering using some interior decorations would be a great idea. Continue reading as I inspire you with great ideas for your interior decor!

 Making a fabulous room decor usually requires a lot of time and effort, so simply adding decoration won’t always do the trick. However, you need to think about your walls and floor before adding any decoration to your living room. It is good they complement each other. They might be different, but keep in mind that the floor and the walls of your home are the things that are "holding" your living room together! The most obvious thing a person would notice about the room is the color of the walls and the look of your floor. You just have to blend the two together and make it look gorgeous!

 You can consider using some light colors to add more space to your living room if the room is small. However, do not make use of dark colors in a small room, as it would make it look like a coffin! In other words, you can add some dark paint if you have too much free space left- this makes the room comfier sometimes. As for the floor, try to make it pop! You can make use of tiles or wood – tiles are very popular these days as they come in different interesting patterns, colors and shapes. In addition, tiles are typically very easy to clean, most especially in cases where you have kids running around the living room; they could make it dirty quickly.

 Carpets are also ideal for the living room; you just have to choose the one with an interesting and beautiful pattern if your wallpapers are simple. Be creative, Mix colors, and add something entirely new, but keep in mind to choose a carpet that can be easily cleaned. Although thick carpets are usually soft and beautiful, when it comes to cleaning, who is going to clean the mess in the piles?

If you are unable to paint your walls with other colors, buy a carpet or change the floor due to time, money or simply because you are not willing to do so, then it is time to get to the living room decorations! This will help add some finishing touches or even change your entire room. I have gathered some interesting ideas and tips for you:

Tips and accessories for your interior décor


Add interesting accessories: To be honest, this depends mainly on what you actually want. However, you can also make use of some of my tips below.


1. Color combination

In order to mix colors and get a nice combination, make use of the color wheel – this will help you to choose the most perfect colors that will look good together.


In a case where your room has mostly blue, black and white colors, then you may consider adding some brown or yellow to it. Alternatively you can also make use of some additional (DIY) accessories to make it unique and express your personality. For example, you can add pictures in nice frames, statuettes or various figurines and so on…. just be creative.


2. Add more green to it! Using a Green color for your interior especially the living room makes your room more comfortable; consider adding some green to it! Find some beautiful Aufora artificial plant and flowers, and put them in nice pots. Adding different artificial plant and flowers is a big part of interior decoration especially for your living room.


 3. Add light: Technically speaking, light can’t be categorized as part of the decoration. However, you can use different effects by using light and shadows. For example, you can use beautiful lampshade or long-legged lamps.


 4. Add a wall decoration in your living room: making use of wall decoration for your interior decor is always a good idea. It helps to add extra mural to your wall in case you don’t have wallpapers - they are available in different shapes and colors, so you will always find pretty ones. You can even go unique by creating your own stories with the use of wall stickers!


 5. What time is it? Many people think a wall clock is a “last-century decor” if you belong to this category of people, then you have to shop for some modern day clocks! They usually help to beautify the room and look gorgeous on one-color walls. There are a wide range of wall-clocks with unique and beautiful designs, feel free to shop them.


6. Take a critical look at the colors and how well they blend together! If you want to get a more "natural" look; then you can combine different shades of green and brown they are more natural. To help add a more modern look to your décor, you can consider coloring your doors in white.


Products used in home decoration, interior home design


Artificial plant and flowers: Let's start with the most basic home accessories item: fresh artificial plant and flowers. You can consider using some random colors to offset your room's palette. However, you have to notice the layered effect of the bright yellow orchids against the gorgeous coral, linen-inspired wall covering.

Faux Living Walls

In recent years, Faux living walls are becoming extremely popular among interior designers and are set to be a major and widely used design trend of 2017.

Interior decorators are creating stunning “green walls” using silk flowers and plants around the world. However, with the use of faux living plant walls, it is not necessary it’s plugged into an irrigation system for consistent watering; they just need to be admired! A faux living wall helps to create a key talking point in any residential property.

Dining Room High Ceilings

Talking about home accessories for your Interior decorations, a lot of modern day designers have been creatively and effectively making use of pendant lighting to absorb the space where a high ceiling sits above a dining table. However, you can also as an alternative hang artificial plants and flowers to effectively occupy this space.

Entrance Hallways

Many interior designers like the idea of using tall vases with a luxurious artificial plants and flowers arrangement to an entrance hallway, this helps to establish a superb grand entrance area.

However, it is not a bad idea to use fresh flowers such as lilies and roses, but consistently replenishing can prove expensive to maintain. Using luxurious artificial plants and flowers in place of fresh flowers will make entrance hallway look impressive without you having to spend unnecessarily every week on more flowers.

Living Areas

Orchids are also a suitable and good complement to the minimalistic design of modern lounge and living areas.

Fresh orchids require a lot of upkeep and maintenance like lilies and roses. However, not minding the cost of its regular replenishment, Orchids deserve their place in modern living areas – if you are a designer, you can just as an alternative integrate the silk of these stunning floral arrangements. Artificial orchids also work great and require less maintenance.


Bathrooms & Ensuites

It is essential you do some luxurious upgrade of your residential bathrooms and ensuites to make them a place of true relaxation.

When it comes to choosing a floral arrangement for your bathroom, artificial plants and flowers are the best and only reasonable option. This is due to the fact that fresh flowers cannot contend with the heat and steam of bathroom areas.

Whether artificial or fresh, plants and flowers will always remain a key home accessory for interior decoration in every home. Also, there is a constant high demand for interior designers to create luxurious yet low interior decorations, so you can expect to see more of silk flower arrangements in every home.

In the past years, the use of artificial plants and flowers for interior design projects has become massively popular. As one of the vital home accessories, interior designers and decorators all over the world have long used flowers to add the perfect finishing touches to various design projects.

Artificial plants and flowers have such a realistic appearance, they are easy to maintain and most importantly can last for many years.

On the other hand, a number of clever interior decorators are really getting creative incorporating silk plants and flowers into various projects to enhance the overall design and ensure lasting impact.

Using vases for Interior decoration is very simple and elegant. Vases are one of the most widely used beautiful home accessories that help to beautify your modern home interiors with interesting patterns, texture, unique shapes and color.

In order to enhance the beauty of your interior, you can decorate with glass vases or even with fruits and flowers in vases which helps to give different and unique character to the room.

Although many categorized interior decoration with vases as an ancient technique, but small and large vases are wonderful home accessories that are easy to add to any home interior. Virtually every modern home has vases, and this is due to its elegance and unique beauty used for adding charm to table decorations or wall shelves.

In the past, almost every ancient home was decorated with functional vases and bowls. Large vases made of onyx, marble or malachite are used to decorate the entryways of rich homes. Afterwards, people started using vases for shelves and table decoration as well.

Modern interior decorating with vases

Old and modern vases are one of the most stylish interior home accessories for the floor; furniture and window decoration that brings to life the charm of old style and the excitement of modern design ideas.

Vases are very useful and functional home accessories, they are beautiful and vary in shape, size, and material used for creating these home decorations are of different varieties as well.

People prefer large vases on the floor for holding plants and water and in olden days. Also smaller vases were used for interior decorating with flowers. To make the home more beautiful, amphora vases and large decorative vases with meaningful ornaments are used to make it unique and classy.


In recent times, vases can be made of contemporary plastic, clay and glass, wood and metal alloys for adding some texture, unusual form and bright or neutral colors to modern interior decorating palette.

To add style to modern interior decorating and home staging design, vases and bowls are cheap and effective ways to achieve this. Vases can also be paired with tableware and table lamps to create unique compositions and add flavor to modern interior decorating and home staging.

For stylish element for wall shelves or table decoration, small vases and floor vases can also be used. Vases always look gorgeous in bedrooms, on the top of kitchen cabinets, and living rooms, hallways and even bathrooms, so consider using vases if you haven’t started yet.

Vases with flowers and fruits: using these vases will help to add aroma and freshness to your interior and create universally appealing, bright and extremely pleasant interior.

In conclusion, Vases are one of the best functional decorative home accessories that bring luxury and style to your interior. More so, classic Handmade, antique and modern vases are beautiful home decorations accessories that give you a quick and inexpensive way to make modern home interiors more attractive and elegant.

A beautiful bowl: Bowls are also one of the most essential interior decoration home accessory materials. They vary in style from modern to globally inspired bowls and can be filled with just anything beautiful. Personally, I love my bowls filled with beads for the textural effect.

A tray:  A tray is also one of best home accessories that is useful and can look amazingly great in many places. If you want to create a surface on an ottoman where you can put up your feet and display fresh flowers at the same time, it can be used.

Wall clocks:  Wall clocks are cool little devices that everybody seems to have forgotten. However, they are back, and this time around as an accessory for interior decoration, these little devices also make for a wonderful house decoration apart from showing you what time it is. A clock can be used to give a nice look to a crowded “collage” wall or fill an empty wall. If you don’t have this already, it is time got one and spice your home up with it. It will make your wall look totally different and make your house a bit classier.

Mirror: mirrors help to add light and depth to your room just like windows. So always feel free to use them as decorative windows and install them any place you wish. In addition, mirrors have a unique ability to accentuate and reflect hues and views from neighboring walls and therefore create striking effects.


Your Mirror shouldn’t necessarily be a big wall mirror; they can become a perfect focal point of any room by just using a small mirror in bold framing.



Below are some of the benefits of mirror for interior décor


Enlarging Space with Mirrors


Interior designers mostly make use of mirrors in small rooms since they are able to visually expand it. You just have to ensure it reflects nice views. Mirrors are used to enlarge space, and can also brighten it up and become a bonus source of lighting to the room.


Mirror as Statement Object


Mirrors are unique from other décor elements because large floor mirrors allow making a statement in a narrow room and bring a dramatic effect which other décor elements cannot do.



Mirrors as Art Objects


Surprisingly, mirrors can also serve as full-fledged art objects. You can achieve this by simply playing with them and try to hang a group of mirrors on a certain wall. However, ensure they are proportional to each other and don’t try to hang a multitude of small mirrors on a big wall.






Mirror as Décor Element


Apart from its reflective function, mirrors are perfect as décor elements. A large mirror in a striking frame can instantly boost an interior of your room.


Mirrors in Entryway


Although mirrors are flexible objects that could be placed in any room, but designers sometimes prefer to place them in entryway area as well.


Places that are deprived of natural lights such as Entryways, dining rooms and other areas are perfect places for mirror installation. If added with candles, original lighting, and art objects, they allow creating a one-of-a-kind ambiance.




Use different accessories and decorations to make your interior beautiful and unique. Change everything you want and feel free to use our helpful tips - we bet that your interior will never be the same.