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Vases and Bowls
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  1. Glass Fish Bowl Flower Vase - Large
  2. Black Smoke Tall Glass Vase
    Black Smoke Tall Glass Vase

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  3. Venetian Glass Vase
    Venetian Glass Vase

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  4. Matt White Ceramic Cactus Pot Vase - Large
  5. Matt White Ceramic Cactus Pot Vase - Small
  6. Short Cactus Vase in White Cream
  7. Ripple Vase with Narrow Neck
    Ripple Vase with Narrow Neck

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  8. Chesterfield Pattern Plant Pot Vase
  9. Tall Spiral Vase in White
    Tall Spiral Vase in White

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  10. Short Spiral Vase in White
    Short Spiral Vase in White

    FREE Delivery

  11. Tall White Textural Vase
    Tall White Textural Vase

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  12. Short White Textural Vase in White
  13. Crushed Bag Plant Pot Vase - Short
  14. Crushed Bag Plant Pot Vase - Tall
  15. Crackle Glaze Vase Pot H 9.5 cm
  16. Wide Abigail Gradient Table Vase Wide Abigail Gradient Table Vase
  17. Tall Abigail Gradient Table Vase
  18. Medium Abigail Gradient Table Vase
  19. Agatha Gold Belt Glass Table Vase
  20. Brown Smoke Gradient Table Vase
  21. Transparent Aufora Rolled Neck Glass Vase
  22. Transparent Aufora Rolled Narrow Neck Glass Vase
  23. Tall Anna Black Transparent Table Vase
  24. Short Anna Black Transparent Table Vase
Grid List

Items 25-48 of 86

Set Descending Direction

Vases and Bowls

Our modern and contemporary vases come in a huge range of shapes, sizes, designs, and colours so you can be sure that your floral arrangement can be matched perfectly to create the ideal addition to your home. Tall, small, large or thin, there is a multitude of different sizes to help make sure that your fresh or artificial flowers are not only snug, but remain looking beautiful while living a long life in our modern vases. Our modern and contemporary vases can also be considered to be sculptures and works of art so they look just as beautiful if used as standalone pieces.

A vase is an open holder. It can be produced using various materials, for example, earthenware production, glass, non-rusting metals, for instance, aluminum, metal, bronze or stainless steel. Indeed, even wood has been utilized to make vases, either by using tree species that usually oppose decay, for example, teak or by applying a defensive covering to traditional wood. Vases are frequently enhanced, and they are regularly used to hold cut blooms.

Vases, by and large, have a comparable shape. The foot or the base might be bulbous, level, carinate or another shape. The body forms the principle part of the piece. A few vases have a shoulder, where the body bends internal, a neck, which gives tallness, and a lip, where the vase flares pull out at the top. A few vases are additionally given handles.

Different styles and sorts of vases have been created far and wide in various eras, for example, Chinese earthenware production and Native American Pottery. In the ceramics of antiquated Greece "vase-painting" is the customary term covering the well known fine painted stoneware, regularly with many figures in scenes from Greek Mythology. Such pieces might be alluded to as vases paying little mind to their shape; most were in truth utilized for holding or serving fluids, and many would all the more actually be called mugs, containers et cetera.

At Aufora, our current and contemporary vases arrived in a colossal scope of shapes, sizes, outlines, and hues so you can make sure that your decorative design can be coordinated flawlessly to make the perfect expansion to your home. Tall, little, huge or thin, there is a huge number of various sizes to help ensure that your crisp or manufactured blossoms are cozy, as well as stay looking fantastic while carrying on with a long life in our present day vases. Our cutting edge and contemporary vases can likewise be thought to be models and masterpieces, so they look similarly as delightful if utilized as independent pieces. Aufora'scenter rule is simple, to convey you immortal extravagance adornments to match and supplement any tastes at reasonable costs. This is the heritage we wish to leave to clients, old and new. We are additionally certain that our items will coordinate and surpass your desires. Our choice is immense, from gem vases to adorable elephant trimmings; we guarantee that there is something for everybody while keeping up the level of value you merit.

We venture to every part of the globe looking for the clearest precious stone, the most lively of materials for our blossoms. We guarantee that our materials are tough and things are anything but difficult to tend to and made to last.

Our tender loving care is second to none, some may call it over the top, yet we call it energy. It is an energy to present to you the completed article, the total item, directly down to the last specked I or crossed T, the level of detail that every individual thing goes into is there to bring something interesting and paramount. Whatever it is that you purchase from us, you will dependably have the capacity to acknowledge and recollect that our things are something other than belonging.

Regardless of whether on the mantelpiece, focus organize on the eating table or deliberately set all through the house, vases are a lovely expansion to any home. Stem vases and tall vases, flawless as a blessing to a friend or family member or a treat for yourself, are an exquisite approach to show singular stems or a dazzling bunch of blooms. Vacant or loaded with littler blossoms, a bud vase will likewise make a superb embellishment for any surface.

If you are looking to unobtrusively upgrade the stylistic theme of your home, our scope of white vases and glass vases will fit flawlessly with their environment. For an all the more striking effect, an orange vase or yellow vase will include a one of a kind curve that warms your home. Correspondingly, while a dark vase or darker vase will ooze modernity, a blue vase or Art Deco vase will bring a touch of easy cool.

Investigate our scope of blossom vases, intended to hold shocking bloom game plans or a downplayed single stem. While a green vase will mirror the essentialness of your blossoms, a ravishing purple vase will convey a moment indication of marvelousness to your mantelpiece or feasting table. Thus, a red vase includes a challenging sprinkle of shading to any room, while our gently formed clear glass vases ooze an ageless interest.

Find a touch of vintage appeal with a finished sea tempest vase, profiting from a thick base and beguiling cup shape. It is additionally simple to make the ideal centerpiece for your huge day with our energizing gathering of wedding vases. Regardless of whether you pick a glass or clay vase, you can make sure of the high caliber and dependability of your buy. Here at Aufora, our vases are accessible in an assortment of shapes and sizes. Little or extensive, tall or round, we have the ideal piece to suit you.