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How to choose your Home Accessories


Your home accessories should be chosen based on not only your style and what would fit in with your current home interior. All of our home accessories can fit within classical/traditional or modern interiors. If you are looking for something a little more adorable then our cute elephant ornament would be the perfect edition, but if you are a little fiercer in reality, then our Black Panther statue may be what you are after.



Making your living room an inviting place is a great way to bring your friends and family together. You can create a space where people want to dine and relax and a space where guests feel welcome with the right home accessories. In terms of family you can cultivate a room where kids want to stay and finish their homework next to parents who are reading under a new fashionable lamp. You can absorb some of the sound and cold cultivated by hard wood floors by placing a fur hide in the center of the floor. You can turn a kitchen table into a nice place to dine and relax with matching placemats and seat cushions.

These days you can select a special theme for your room and you can decorate your room based on that theme.  Keep in mind that when you're accessorizing your home you're only adding finishing touches to your home decor. All you're doing is adding a few well-placed accessories that pull the room together and make it feel complete.



elephant ornament


Each style forces you to focus in on your likes and dislikes and to learn all of the necessary elements which help you achieve your dream home. After all, it is your home. Why shouldn't you express your very unique taste? One style that is making a remarkable comeback in this line of thinking is the Arts and Crafts style.

home accessories

The Arts and Crafts style of the 20th century was steeped in a shift in the ethics of the time and its style shows it. This style emphasizes the beauty of design created around function and utility instead of simple ornamentation. Trademarks of this design style include fine craftsmanship instead of a mass-produced look and the use of indigenous woods and metals for hardware.



 Steps to picking your home decor style



To truly pick your style, the color theme is the key. Before picking any home decor products, first choose the color theme that you would like for your entire home and every room. For example, If you're going for a tropical or be achy feel, consider using shells, stones and sea glass to bring in that breezy feeling. The key is to keep your theme in mind to achieve a cohesive look.


Choosing accessories

Start with accessories that you already have at home, choose the ones that you love and bring you joy. Choose other accessories that are complementary to that piece you have selected. Consider accessories such as floor lamps, table lamps, candles, plants, floral bouquets, pictures, statues, vases, and include texture in your accessories by using rugs and throw pillows.


Choose colors that match

Colors add life to any type of room; however, if you use too many colors in a room, it will look chaotic. When you enter the room, you do not know where to focus because of the tons of colors in it. If you are going to use colors in the room, make sure that it matches. The color wheel will help you pick out the colors that go well together.


Group accessories

Create a group of similar items that are different height, widths, size and texture so they go together while creating a balance and interest to your design. This goes for candles, vases, frame photos, and statues and any other accent pieces. Use odd numbers when placing accessories in a group to add visual interest.


Make sure that you have a space for the accessory

This is why you should have a plan. Many homeowners shop for accessories and buy some because they think it is cute. They are unsure if there is a space for the accessory. When they reach home, they just place it in a corner because there is no space for it.


Walls and Floors

Walls and floors are also important to accessorize. Nothing works better than to use a bold color on an accent wall as it will set it apart from the rest of the room. There are unlimited accessories you can use for the walls. You can start by hanging a grouping of framed picture illustrations, use shadow boxes, or mount a mirror or a collection of them. Hang all of your art at the center of wall to create an eye-pleasing effect throughout your home. Area rugs are an excellent way to add color and texture to a room. Area rugs also help divide big rooms into sections. When selecting an area rug think about color, design, texture, size and material.


In Conclusion:

Shopping for home accessories is fun. However, you need a plan before you shop. Will it go well with your wall art ideas? Accessories greatly affect the room, which is why you have to pick the right items. is your number one retailer of a selected range of classic and modern home accessories designed to give rooms inside the home a unique feel. The range includes cute elephant ornament, Vase, Bowl, Flower, Black Panther statue and many more.  All of the items featured on the site are fitting to modern homes looking for a more rustic or traditional feel.


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