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Modern Mirrors

Many individuals these days, when choosing a modern or contemporary mirror for their home simply go out to a nearby store to make a choice of the first attractive mirror that catches their eyes. However, there is much more to making the right choice of beautifying and furnishing your home with a modern mirror especially if you want to make the maximum use of the functionality of your new modern mirror. You may also consider the aesthetic and elegance appeal the mirror can bring to your room.

Modern mirrors are one of the most efficient ways to beautify and enhance the good looks of your home. However, making the right choice of a wall hanging mirror has to do with finding the best shapes and sizes, as well as a compelling and attractive design. Whatever your needs are, as far as it relates to modern mirrors whether it is a dining room mirror or bedroom wall mirror, we have the best one for you.

Aufora’s collection of modern mirrors

Offers an exclusive variety of mirrors that gives a completely unique style and glamor to your home. We have superb designs that complement the current trends. Our modern mirrors include beveled and black round wall mirrors, French rectangular and French style wall mirrors; multi-angled framed and multi-facet wall mirrors, etc. that can blend with any wall shape, tone or color.

We have modern decorative mirrors in different shapes and sizes for your home or apartment such that gives a unique look for your every room.

Our full-length wall mirror can reflect incoming light from any strategic angle of your room such that it can work as a final check before leaving for your daily activities. We have large wall mirrors that can create beautiful and bold focal points in your living room, living room or even your dining room. We have large mirrors with great intricate frames for your home; you can check out our French rectangular or French style wall mirror to make your choice.

Also available in our store is the framed mirrors that bring unique style to your décor and can visually expand your room space. To feel the beauty, you can simply place these framed mirrors directly across from your windows or art pieces in order to expand the depth of your home. These framed mirrors can be placed on the floor for nice effects and can also be hung directly on the wall. You can check out our multi-angled framed mirror and make your choice too.

At Aufora, we strive to make available different options compatible with various homes; this is why we have a range of Wall Mirrors for our customers to make choices so when you are making choices, we make sure you get the one that matches your taste as well as the best quality ever.


How to Transform Your House with Modern Mirrors


 Mirrors are an essential part of decoration that is often underrated. If used as a focal point, background or accent piece, a wall mirror can be used in any room in your home and can bring intrigue, light and conversation in any space.


Although there are no firm rules when decorating with mirrors, if you consider some things, a mirror can change all the depth and feel of your space. Here are some ways to use a wall mirror into your modern room with class and style:


  • When I think of the most commonplace a wall mirror is used, the bathroom immediately comes to mind. Instead of the traditional rectangular mirror, try a circular or oval mirror. These shapes can serve as a decorative and functional piece.


  • A frameless mirror with a beveled edge will create visual interest and feel lighter than a framed mirror, which is important if your bathroom is smaller. Flipping the mirror with wall sconces to shed even light and avoiding the shadows when you are preparing in the morning is the icing on the cake!


  • A wall mirror can also be an impressive piece for your entrance or lobby. For smaller areas, a wall mirror can open the space and use the nearby door lighting to make your When selecting a mirror for this space, choose one that symbolizes your home as a whole. There are many mirrors with elaborate frames that are art-like and really make an impact. Greet your guest with his personal and welcoming style. My favorite foyers offer an impressive mirror, offset just a touch, through a console table and single table lamp to balance everything. Change the table decoration to reflect the season and voila! A modern mirror transformation.


  • The dining room is another ideal place for a decorative mirror. Usually, when used, this room can accommodate many people and sometimes feel tight. By strategically placing a long horizontal mirror through a window or other mirror, the space will appear more open and inviting. Incorporate a couple of buffet style lamps and allow the mirror and lighting to work in unison, apparently, enlarging the room. There is nothing worse than feeling closed and full at the same time!


No matter where you hang your mirror however, it is important to contemplate reflection. When deciding on the precise location to place it, be sure to remember that you are not the only one looking back when looking in the mirror. Consider the environment. Does it reflect a blank wall? Does it show a part of the room that you do not particularly like or frame the natural landscape outside an oppositewindow? By putting the mirror with this in mind, you are sure to be satisfied once the holes are on the wall.

So, if your personal style encompasses an elegant, frameless mirror or you lean towards one with an intriguing frame, using these reflective pieces can be the solution to many decorating problems. Perform the aesthetics and function once with the benefit of showing the rest of your picturesque space in the reflection. After all, duplicate the fun of being at home!

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