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Oval Mirrors

The latest design trend emerging that is modern and at the same time very traditional as well is the use of oval mirrors on the walls. The emerging design trends seem to be going away from the design trends that laid great stress to the more traditionally designed rectangle or square mirrors. Today’s trends are more for an updated look. Using square or rectangle mirrors are considered boring and somewhat dull. These designs feel somewhat safe and typical. To break the monotony and add a touch of creativity and an unexpected turn in design, go for an oval mirror to make your home look great.

Just as with any other mirror, the Aufora Oval Mirrors can seamlessly blend into any type of design style while taking into consideration the choice of the frame from the various design and style options available. A wooden frame with a rustic appearance can look great in a room designed by more conventional design cues as well as those that have become very popular only recently. Also, for those who prefer the minimalistic approach in the interior designs, there is the option of trying the oval mirror with a bevelled and frameless design and which can hold by itself and not needing an actual frame but the oval mirror style feeling very comfortable with most.

Though the oval mirrors look great in the living rooms and bedrooms, they are also making a very strong presence felt in modern bathrooms. Taking over space from the routine wall to wall mirror designs in the bathrooms, the oval mirrors seem to fit in almost perfectly above the bathroom sinks. This type of design styles depending on their frames can look to be just the right amount of blend between the traditional and modern appearances at the same time.

One of the main purposes of the mirrors is to bring in the light be it the bedroom, living room or the bathroom. One of the creative ways to bring in required amount of light into the rooms is by arranging the sufficiently available with mirrors in a vast variety of sizes and shapes of mirrors and then hang them all in a cluster. Rather than the normal rectangular and square-shaped mirrors, you can bring in your house a new shape in the form of the oval mirrors. An oval mirror set on a frame with an intricate design that makes its presence felt right at the entrance table, which is a sure way make a great impression on the minds of most visitors.