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  1. White Round Mirror
    White Round Mirror

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    Black Round Mirror

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  3. Round Ornate Wall Mirror
  4. Mirror Lifebelt - Nautical by Batela
  5. Brass Porthole Mirror - Nautical by Batela Brass Porthole Mirror - Nautical by Batela
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5 Items

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Mirrors are essential accessories in a home. Added for aesthetical reasons or functional reasons, mirrors are known to enhance the interiors of any space. Whether you prefer the square, traditional, rectangular or round mirrors, all styles of mirrors add the ‘wow’ factor to the décor.

While square and rectangular mirrors are mostly popular, it is the round mirrors, which are the choice of the discerning few. A mirror is a mirror; a mirror of any shape does not lose its qualities. They reflect images, which keep you updated about your looks. The reflective quality of the mirror is used to its maximum advantage while decorating homes.

Mirrors can change the overall appearance of a room, by reflecting more light. This is the most useful trait as it creates the illusion of more space, than the actual space that is available. Strategically positioning large mirrors over significant items such as dressers, fireplace mantles or couches, not only focuses attention on the items but the reflection of the empty wall opposite, creates an illusion of space. Making the room appear bigger than it actually is.

If you plan to have mirrors for decorative purposes, then the round mirrors by Aufora are the wisest choice. Round mirrors add visual variety to a room, as usually almost everything in the room is square or rectangular. Furniture, doors and windows are seldom of any other shape. A round mirror breaks the monotony, and as said earlier, adds visual variety to the room.

Round mirrors have curved lines, which are softer than the sharp lines of a square or rectangle.  These softer lines are more energetic and add a gentler appeal to the room.

Aufora offers round mirrors which are mesmerizing as well as affordable. They have unique shaped frames that are sure to enhance any interior and improve the aesthetic appeal drastically.

You can choose from the beveled or the ornate round mirrors if your style is extravagant. If your taste is subtle then the plain black or white round mirrors can decorate your walls. For the romantically inclined, the heart shaped round mirror can brighten up the day for your loved one. They are also great gifting items. With prices ranging from £ 225 for the beveled, £ 115 for the heart wall mirror, £ 105 for the ornate round mirror and £ 55 for the black or white round mirrors, these are unbelievable deals that won’t be found elsewhere.

Visit Aufora and get amazed by the accessories and the deals they have to offer.