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A mirror is a classic styling design, which adds elegance and glamor to any space. They play multi-dimensional roles in homes. They reflect images and lights, open up spaces and beautify the décor.

The rectangular or the square mirror are most preferred as compared to the round or the oval mirrors. When you decide to go in for a square mirror you will be astounded by the variety available.

Round mirrors are better options when you want smaller mirrors. But when you are looking at larger mirrors then rectangle or square mirrors are the only options left with you. Square mirrors make their own statement and add a certain depth and character to the room.

Moreover, going in for the square mirror gives you freedom from the ugly holes that have to dig in walls to hang mirrors. Square mirrors leaning against the wall spell of class and innovation. They dress up the space and just installing a spotlight behind it will make it shine brighter and create a corner glow.

A large square mirror in a small room, create the illusion of depth, making the room appear more spacious. People have a misconception about it and are scared to go big. Just one mirror can make all the difference and enhance the look of the room; it can set the tone for the entire room.

Aufora offers amazing and innovatively designed square mirrors at absolutely affordable prices. All the mirrors available are of superior quality and reflect flawless images. Choose from the traditional rectangular or square wall mirrors or the multi angled framed or multi angled mirrors.

Each design is unique and apiѐce de résistance. Every piece is handcrafted to excellence and will not fail to amaze you. The unusual contemporary designs are a perfect gift for art lovers. Especially the multi angled wall mirror available at £ 270, is a steal deal. The mirror is suited to all types of décor and is a prized possession of every mirror owner.

If the multi angled wall mirror is too flamboyant for your taste, then the eye catching multi angled frame will be more appealing to you. The smaller mirrors reflect light around the room, brightening it up. They are available at the unbelievable price of 190£s.

For people with sedate tastes the traditional rectangle and square mirrors available with Aufora are the perfect choice.