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Mirrors are a great way to lend a character and add an altogether different dimension to your home. Other than the prime functionality of reflecting images, mirrors help in making spaces appear bigger and lighter. Spaces begin to look more open when mirrors are added to the décor. Mirrors can do both, enhance functionality as well as the aesthetics.

Mirrors are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Your décor will be the prime consideration while deciding on the mirror that suits your style. Mirrors can be framed or left unframed, according to the demand of the space they are being used in.

Traditional mirrors are the choice of most when they want to add subtle glamor and style to the home. Clear and simple lines, which complement every décor make them the most suitable choice.

Aufora offers an amazing collection of mirrors, which are most suited to rooms of all styles and sizes. Whether you prefer traditional mirrors, round mirrors or square mirrors, Aufora has something for every taste.

Aufora traditional mirrors are available in various sizes. You can choose between the bigger mirrors which can create additional light for the room, or the smaller traditional mirror, which can just be added for decorative reasons.

Mirror quality is an essential factor to be considered while buying traditional mirrors. Very often you will find cheap versions of mirrors being sold in the market.  You must be cautious while accepting such offers, as these are traditional mirrors of substandard quality. Over time they lose their shine and develop patches where the mercury coating begins to peel off. Moreover, sometimes these mirrors reflect distorted and unclear images.  Negating the main purpose of the mirror.

Always make it a point to buy your traditional mirrors from trusted sources. One such source being Aufora. Aufora offers only premium quality square, round and traditional mirrors, at most affordable prices.

The traditional mirrors that Aufora offers are essentially available in three basic sizes and shapes. Aufora offers two rectangular mirror models and one square mirror model.

The bigger rectangular traditional mirror will make your room appear brighter and bigger just for £ 95, while the smaller version costs around £ 46. The square traditional mirrors most suited for wider walls can be yours for just £ 54.

You can never go wrong with the accessories to beautify your home at Aufora.