How to choose your Mirror


When choosing a mirror, you want to make sure that the design will complement what is already in the room you will use it for, also consider the size of the mirrors as a bigger mirror equates to more additional light for your room.





Mirrors have always been considered as an essential design element to add the ‘wow’ factor to any space. They are placed strategically to accentuate the other design elements in the space or they can just be added to reflect a favorite view like a garden or a water body.



If mirrors can augment the looks of the place, the wrong style or size of the mirror can easily mar the looks of the space too.  This can also happen if the mirror has been wrongly placed.  That is why it is very important to first study ‘how to choose your mirrors,’ and then choose the perfect one for your wall.


Here is a concise guide on how to choose your mirrors:


Choose the right shape: Round, square or rectangle are the most common shapes of mirrors available. A tall vertical shape can be used to accentuate the height of a room and make a bold statement. Squares and rectangles can be used to maintain the traditional look of the room. Triangles, diamond –shaped or star shaped are uncommon shapes and can be placed for the funky or designer touches. Round shaped mirrors are often added for a simple and striking look.



Consider the size: This should be one of the first things to be decided. The size of the wall hanging mirrors will depend upon the size of the wall you will be placing the mirror on and the attention you want it to attract. If you want to make a bold statement opt for an extra-large mirror. Moreover, large mirrors can be used in smaller spaces to give the illusion of a bigger space.  Small mirrors on a large wall can look lost and fail to make an impact that a larger mirror would have, and the same is true if situations are inversed. Large mirrors on small walls can look out of place and disproportionate.



Style is important too: It is crucial for the chosen mirror to complement the style of the décor of the room it is placed in. The frame plays an important role in determining the style of the mirror. An ornate, carved or gilt frame is most suited to interiors which have a traditional look. For the modern, casual or contemporary décor a frame with simple lines and unusual materials are sure to enhance the aesthetics of your room. But if you like to think off-beat, then any of the whacky shapes will suit you just fine.