How to clean artificial plants

Artificial plants and flowers are very beautiful even though they don’t or may not require the same care that fresh flowers need. Notwithstanding, they still need regular cleaning to remain bright. Irrespective of what your artificial flower is made of, cleaning them may be a challenging task. However, in this short article, we will show you how best to clean them so they can remain shiny and elegant as the day you bought them. Just follow any of these simple steps listed below.


Method 1: Using Table Salt

Pour a cup of table salt into a bag, and then put the leafy part of your flower into the bag.

Now firmly hold the opening of the bag and shake thoroughly.

Finally, bring out your flower, and you will see it as clean as new! The salt used can be kept to be reused in future.


Method 2: Using Paintbrush

Paintbrush is another tool that can be used to remove dust from your flower. Start cleaning your flower from the top to the bottom because you wouldn’t want to dust to fall on the already cleaned parts. This method is very efficient and might take approximately 10 minutes depending on size, quantity and how dusty your flower is.  One advantage of using paintbrush is that it helps you clean tight nooks and crannies of the flowers such as the stem.


Method 3: using Compressed Air

With this method, you can simply spray compressed air over each piece of the leaves just as you would with the paintbrush, only that this process seem faster than those mentioned above. For optimum result using this method, we recommend that you do this outside your room, so the dust doesn't settle back on your flowers after a little while.


Method 4: Using a Wet Cloth

This is another simple method. Simply clean each piece of leaves with a wet cloth to remove any dirt or dust from the foliage. After that, we recommend that you use a dry towel to wipe the foliage to remove leftover water completely.

Warning!!! Do NOT use detergent or any cleaning agent to clean artificial plants and flowers as this could cause the flowers to lose its colors and beauty.