Aufora Wedding Artificial Flowers

Wedding Artificial Flowers


There are numerous reasons as to why you should go for artificial flowers over real ones for your wedding. Since the sudden improvement in the quality of the flowers since the turn of the millennium, artificial flowers are now nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. They look just as stunning in photographs, and people will have to feel them just to put their minds to rest over how real they look. The quality of artificial flowers is still improving and is now nearing the point where they feel like their authentic counterparts too, just ask one of the many customers we’ve served at events such as Grand Designs Live or the Ideal Home show. In short, one reason to choose artificial flowers over the real thing is how real they look.


The problem with real flowers is that they may not last very long. Even if freshly picked, the maximum life span of flowers will only be a few days before there is a noticeable change in their appearance. Wedding Artificial flowers do not have this problem, they are, to a degree, timeless in the sense that they can essentially last forever if looked after. Their longevity is unique, and because many are made with durable materials you won’t ever have to worry about replacing them. You can however customise an artificial flower bouquet however you like, so if you did decide to add a few extra flowers to your wedding bouquet, they are more affordable than the real thing.

The next reason may not be as obvious as the aforementioned, but if you do suffer from hay fever, then choosing artificial flowers over the real thing is a no brainer. No bride or groom wants to have itchy red eyes or a runny nose in their wedding photos.