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YOU ARE a PROFESSIONAL (architect, designer ...) or a COMPANY (hotel, restaurant, private practice, shop, SME or big business ...)

OUR TRADE DEPARTMENT stands by your side to help you managing your professional planning projects, by providing :

  • - The best prices
  • - As soon as possible
  • - The widest selection of design home accessories, outdoor, furniture & lighting in UK and Europe ...

From single advice about the choice of the most suitable product to space design, our team of specialists guides you whatever your projects are. Trade Department gives you advices, bespoke solutions and efficiency.

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trade department Aufora

Trade Program Aufora Pro

Are you a professional looking for ideas to change your Office’s look? As a business owner or manager, do you think that your business partners would be more impressed if they are welcomed in a stylish, modern room? If your answer to the previous questions is Yes, you definitely need our help!

Meet the advantages of our Trade Program!

Aufora revolutionizes the interior design market with an innovative Trade program. This means re-decorating opportunities and ideas for modern businesses! Our initiative comes to support the needs of modern business people that are always looking for ways to have a good price-quality report and spare time while choosing the best furniture and accessories. The size of your business makes you wonder what will be the best options for you, so even if you run a big, well-known company or if you are a developing professional, you will find contemporary interior design solutions in our program.

Special discounts, fast delivery and other Premium services are just one click away!

Aufora has a special Trade department, always ready to help you bring your ideas to life and create the perfect atmosphere at your Office, hotel, restaurant or private practice. To that end, we have compiled the widest selection of design for home and Office accessories, furniture, lighting and outdoor décor in UK. Our team of experts will make sure that your ideas come to life by counseling, delivery and installation as soon as possible and that you benefit from all services only at the best prices on the market. Next to this, another big advantage is that, if you are a business and want to become one of our happy partners, you can get important discounts for any type of furniture, accessories, lighting, outdoor items and more. The Trade department from Aufora has many strenghts and offers convenient solutions for every space and need. Therefore, our Business customers can choose their favourite products from our large stock. We have items created by over 1300 designers for over 100 brands. Just to help you imagine how you can get the best and most modern design, we will mention several possible uses for our furniture and accessories.

Modern Office furniture and trendy design ideas

Our company brings to your attention contemporary furniture and accessories that can turn every space into a work of art. With their help, you can turn you Office or home working place into a cozy, welcoming surrounding that contributes to your professional activity’s success. For example, if you need new Office furniture, Aufora collections have practical and multifunctional chest of drawers that can be used for keeping your documents tidy and at hand. Next to them, you can find assorted desks and bookcases that make your life at the Office a lot easier. Since all good decisions are taken over a good coffee, you can choose some contemporary coffee and side tables from our offer. Of course, you will need new chairs and seating items that fit like a glove in your new Office décor. If you have a hallway before entering your Office, at Aufora you will find solutions for decorating it as well – just have a look at our hallway furniture.

Outstanding restaurant, club, coffee house or event hall decors

Items described above are suitable for private Offices or for one’s home working place, but Aufora has solutions for every type of business. You will find perfect interior design ideas even if you run a hotel, club, coffee house or restaurant. Our dining tables and chairs can amazingly decorate a luxury restaurant dining room or even a festivities hall. Modern wine racks complete a special décor, even if the overall interior aspect from a club, coffee house or bistro follows contemporary trends or vintage inspiration. Each item is unique, trendy and created according to modern London style, but we have pieces for classical or vintage fans also.

Dazzling, colorful and modern decorative accessories

No décor is complete without small, but significant details that capture every look and define the owner’s style. For your Office, you can choose some of our amazing decorative objects. We have lovely artificial plants and flowers, vases and bowls, mirrors and, of course, clocks. The variety is ready to satisfy all tastes and needs, so all you have to do is look at our products and make a decision. They can be used in your working place, entrance hallway, club, restaurant or event hall and in any other place you can imagine. Each of them can be used alone or in stylish combinations that add value to your decorating ideas.

A good light makes the difference

Now that you have found all these modern solutions for your business décor, you should start thinking about what would be the best lighting options. At Aufora, we have thought about every business space, so our collection has more than one option for your Office or place you work in. For that matter, our specialists advice you to check all our lamps, ceiling lights, pendants or chandeliers and think about how they could light your business. Our Lighting collection can reach every taste, since it has outstanding items that can produce light for simple daily tasks or sophisticated events. Your business partners will feel welcomed if your light accessories produce a warm, natural light while having your meetings.

Outdoor business reunions have never looked better!

During warm, sunny days, it can be a good idea to have business reunions outside, especially if you are among the lucky business owners with a garden or back yard next to the Office. In order to do that, your outdoor décor should be modern, following the same note as your interior. Aufora has thought about this need as well, so we present our trendy collection of outdoor accessories. Remember that good businesses have been concluded over a barbeque, so this could work for you as well!

Special advantages for PRO’s!

If we managed to capture your attention, we are waiting for you to become one of our partners! We are sure that our Trade program can become a huge advantage for your business; we offer a great price-quality report and special offers for our Business customers. Next to great furniture and accessories and huge Trade discounts, Aufora offers PRO’s specialized advice in choosing a product and ideas for space planning. Our delivery service is one of the best on the market. Do you want to find out more? Call us at +44 0208 312 2950 or write us an e-mail at and we can talk more about it! If you choose our Trade program, you won’t have to wait long; our team is always ready to help.